How to File a Complaint

Anyone who suspects a violation of the Act should file a sworn complaint with the Enforcement Division.

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Complaint and Case Information Portal

Welcome to the new Complaint and Case Information Portal. You can use the Complaint and Case Information Portal to find information related to complaints and cases. The Portal is updated twice per day. Complaints and cases appear one day after receipt or opening.

NOTE: In searching the Complaint Database, a status of 'open' does not necessarily mean that a complaint is currently open. Rather, a status of 'open' reflects that the matter may have been open at one time, and may now be closed. For current status, please check the matter in the Case Database.

(1) Status.

(a) Complaints. The results will show you if a complaint is under review, has been opened into a case, combined into an existing case or rejected. A complaint will appear the day after receipt by the Enforcement Division.

(b) Cases. The results will show you if the case is open and pending or closed.

(2) Complaint type. This lists the sources of the complaints and cases and include Sworn Complaints, Non-sworn Complaints, Staff/Filing Officer Referrals, AdWatch submissions or Commission-initiated Complaints.

(3) Complaint and Case jurisdiction. Both city and county are listed.

(4) All Respondents (the persons accused of violating the Political Reform Act) and Complainants (the persons alleging wrongdoing) associated with the complaint or case.

(5) For complaints, the date the complaint was received. For cases, the date the case was opened, and if applicable, closed.

(6) Case Violation type. This is what is alleged or proven. This option only applies to cases, not complaints, and includes:

a) 2020 Pre-Election

b) Advertisements

c) AdWatch

d) Annual Fees

e) Behested Payment

f) CalPERS

g) Campaign Bank Account

h) Campaign Committee Coordination

i) Campaign Contribution Limits

j) Campaign Non-Filer

k) Campaign Non-Reporter

l) Campaign Reporting

m) Cash andIn-Kind Contributions and/or Expenditures

n) City of Sacramento Ordinance

o) Committee Naming Requirements

p) Conflict of Interests

q) Filing Officer Duties

r) Gift Over-the-Limit

s) Gift Reporting


u) Laundered Campaign Contributions

v) Legal Defense Fund

w) Loans

x) Lobbying Reporting

y) Mass Mailings

z) Misuse of Campaign Funds

aa) Non-PRA

bb) Other

cc) Recordkeeping

dd) Revolving Door

ee) San Bernardino County Ordinance

ff) Slate Mailer Organization Violations

gg) Statements of Economic Interest Non-Filer

hh) Statements of Economic Interest Non-Reporter

ii) Unlawful Honorarium

jj) Unlawful Travel Payments, Advances, Reimbursements or Other Expenditures.

(7) Disposition. This information appears after the case has been closed. Dispositions include:

a) No Violations Found (No Action or Advisory letter issued)

b) Violations Found (Warning letter, Stipulation approved by the Commission, Default afirstpproved by the Commission, Civil judgement approved by the Commission, Administrative judgement approved by the Commission, or Administratively terminated).

For complaints, you may select to search by (1) respondent name, (2) complainant name, (3) complaint number (the number automatically assigned to the complaint when the Enforcement Division received it), or (4) jurisdiction – county or city. Once you have your search results, you can focus those results by adding additional categories to search. Important – remember to use the format “COM-” when searching complaints by complaint number. (e.g. COM-01012020-00005)

For cases, you may select to search by (1) respondent name, (2) complainant name, (3) case number, (4) jurisdiction, or (5) case violation type (see the list above for selections). Once you have your search results, you can focus those results by adding additional categories to search.

To obtain records of any complaints or cases, first search the Commission’s website at If the records are not available there, submit a CA Public Records request. This form can be found on the Commission’s website and be submitted through email to For ease of reference, the link to the CA Public Records request page is:

Please email with specific questions regarding the Complaint and Case Information Portal.