Mission to Provide Assistance

Throughout its history, the Fair Political Practices Commission has been dedicated to ensuring that public officials, candidates, and campaigns have resources available to help them comply with the Political Reform Act.

What We Offer

The FPPC offers dozens of fact sheets, guides, and other informational material. In addition, we offer telephone and online advice for individuals looking for basic advice regarding their responsibilities under the Act. We also host a variety of training and outreach opportunities, including workshops and webinars, for local candidates, filing officials, campaign treasurers, and public officials to attend.

One of the most important goals of the FPPC is to ensure that everyone understands their obligations under the Act. There are multiple ways you can request advice from the FPPC staff.

Informal Advice

Do you have a simple question you need answered quickly? You may request informal advice from the FPPC via email or telephone. Informal advice does not provide immunity from enforcement actions taken by the Commission. 

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Formal Advice

Do you need legal advice concerning your duties under the Act? You may request formal written advice from the FPPC’s staff attorneys or from the full Commission. This type of advice takes more time than informal advice, and may provide immunity from prosecution by the FPPC Enforcement Division. 

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2021 Assistance Statistics

5,050 Phone Calls

39 Presentations

7,105 Emails

176 Advice Letters