Policy Directives

The Commission considered and adopted Policy Directives regarding Enforcement Division case reduction and efficiency at its January 26, 2023 meeting. Generally, the Policy Directives require the Enforcement Division to accomplish the following:

  1. Reduce the number of cases in existence prior to 2023 by 75% no later than December 31, 2024;
  2. Reduce and ensure that, for the foreseeable future, the number of carryover cases is no more than 625 as soon as practicable; and
  3. Strive to resolve complaints and referrals within two years of receipt, except where the Enforcement Chief determines that circumstances warrant a longer period of time.

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              Policy Directives

The Policy Directives require the Enforcement Chief to provide quarterly progress reports to the Commission on achieving the goals as well as any observations and recommendations.

At the September 2023 Commission Hearing, the Enforcement Chief gave the initial presentation on progress toward achieving the goals of the Policy Directives.

How to File a Complaint

Anyone who suspects a violation of the Act should file a sworn complaint with the Enforcement Division.