Mission to Help You Learn

The Fair Political Practices Commission is committed to helping public officials comply with their obligations under the Political Reform Act, while also improving the public’s access to fundamental information about how the political process works. We have developed comprehensive educational materials and interactive tools to achieve these important goals.

What We Do

The FPPC responds annually to over 20,000 requests for advice - underscoring that most public officials strive to comply with their ethical responsibilities. To promote compliance, the FPPC offers fact sheets, manuals, and other training materials for each of the areas regulated under the Act: campaign finance rules, lobbying activities, and conflicts of interests by public officials. We also provide guidance specifically directed at state and local filing officials, who are on the frontlines ensuring ethical compliance.

Why is this Important?

We are tasked with regulating and enforcing some of the most rigorous campaign finance, conflict of interest, and lobbying laws in the country. These laws are at the heart of fostering the public’s trust and confidence in government.

By promoting compliance, the FPPC leads the charge to provide transparency, fairness, and integrity to California’s political system.