Guidance for Filing Officers

Filing officers play an important role in helping to ensure provisions of the Political Reform Act are effectively and efficiently administered. To achieve this goal, the officers are required to perform specified duties under the Act, including providing public access to disclosure statements, following up on those who fail to file, and reviewing filed statements for errors and omissions. The duties are listed in Regulation 18110 for processing campaign statements and Regulation 18115 for processing Statements of Economic Interests (Form 700).

Click on the links below for information about some of the more common filing officer duties. For additional assistance, the FPPC provides several training options for filing officers, including workshops at the FPPC, webinars, online videos, and in-person seminars at your agency. To learn more and pick the training option that best meets your needs, click on the FPPC Training and Outreach link below. 

Form 700 Electronic Filing for Statements that are Forwarded to FPPC

The FPPC has implemented an electronic filing system for the nearly 25,000 statements filed with us. More information about Form 700 statements that are forwarded to the FPPC.