Form 700 Electronic Filing for Statements that are Forwarded to FPPC

The FPPC is excited to announce that we have implemented an electronic filing system for the Form 700! Beginning in January 2017, those filers within your agency whose statements are forwarded to FPPC can file their assuming office, leaving office, and annual statements electronically.

As a filing officer, what are my first steps?

To ensure the system is ready and to make this switchover successful for you, the filer, and FPPC, we are asking for your help by verifying your agency filers' information to ensure completeness and accuracy. This effort will replace the annual requirement of reviewing and submitting the Article II list.

All filing officers should have received an email from the FPPC that provided a training guide with detailed instructions on how to review and update your filers' information.


Which of my filers does this apply to?

The system should only contain information for those filers whose statements are forwarded to FPPC. This includes elected state officials, judges, legislative staffers and Government Code Section 87200 filers for cities and counties. For state and multi-county agencies, this applies to those filers whose statements are forwarded to FPPC under your agency's conflict of interest code.

What happens once my filers' information has been updated?

After your filers' information has been updated, they will receive an electronically generated e-mail in January 2017 providing them with a log in and password to use to file their annual Form 700. The e-mail will also provide access to a video that gives step by step assistance about how to file their statement online. If you add new filers before then or if you have filers who leave, the system will generate e-mails to these individuals notifying them to file their assuming or leaving office statement.

Our agency has an existing electronic filing system. May our filers continue to file using our current system?

Absolutely. The automatic notification process has been disabled for all filers who currently file using an electronic filing system through their own agency. These filers will continue to file through your system and required to be forwarded to the FPPC, your agency’s systems are required to allow electronic data exchange with the FPPC electronic system.

What about filing expanded statements when a filer holds more than one position?

When a filer holds more than one position and statements for both positions come to FPPC, the filer simply selects both positions in the system and files once.

If the filer holds a second position for which the statement doesn't come to FPPC, the filer must file an originally signed statement with the other agency.

What do I do if I have more questions?

For questions related to FPPC's electronic filing system, please send them to If you have general questions regarding your filers or your filing officer duties, please contact your assigned FPPC filing officer.

  • Cities A-M - Sonia Rangel, 916-323-6229 -
  • Cities N-Z - William Cameron, 916-324-3722 -
  • Counties - William Cameron, 916-324-3722 -
  • Multi-County Agencies - Molly Rengchhup 916-324-7602 -
  • State Agencies - Andrea Carey, 916-323-3213 -
  • Judges - Theresa Poon, 916-327-2756 -
  • Legislative Staffers - Theresa Poon, 916-327-2756 -
  • Manager: Cyndi Glaser -

How to Request Advice

If you have questions about your obligations under the Act you can request advice directly from FPPC staff

FPPC's Electronic Filing System 

To verify, update, or add information for your filers whose statements are forwarded to the FPPC, click the button below to log on to the system.