Fact Sheets

The FPPC maintains numerous fact sheets to provide quick and easily understood information on a variety of subjects involving the Political Reform Act. Here are a few that are designed to answer some of the most commonly asked questions, provide examples, and offer advice on particular sections of the Act. Of course, not every single situation can be covered, so these are general in nature.


These fact sheets offers basic information on campaign activity covered by the Act and the FPPC:      

Recall Elections

This fact sheet offers basic information on recall election activity covered by the Act and the FPPC:

Statements of Economic Interest (Form 700's)

The Statement of Economic Interests (SEI) is more commonly called a Form 700. It’s a subject that generates a great deal of requests for information. This FAQ offers useful information and examples to make this Form more understandable:

Updated Filing Official and Filing Officer Duties Relating to Statements of Economic Interests:


This fact sheet offers basic information on lobbying activity covered by the Act and the FPPC:

Effective July 1, 2016, lobbyist employers and $5,000 filers are required to provide more detailed disclosure of "other payments to influence legislative or administrative action." This fact sheet outlines these requirements:

Gifts & Travel

We receive a lot of questions surrounding the rules on gifts. Gifts include things like travel, and the rules cover topics such as how much is acceptable, what has to be reported, what are exceptions to the rule, and more. These fact sheets offer some guidance on the subject:

Political Advertising

The rules for political advertising generate lots of questions. First of all, we don’t regulate content. We do have rules regarding disclosure, so voters can know who’s paying for the advertising. Here’s a chart that should help: