Political Reform Education Program (PREP)

The Political Reform Education Program (PREP) is a new educational program created by the Commission. The purpose of PREP is to allow for the education of Respondents who have little or no experience with the Political Reform Act and commit minor violations, in lieu of monetary penalties. 

What are the Benefits of the Program?

  1. Similar to traffic school, PREP allows Respondents to learn how to comply with the law while avoiding a monetary penalty and a mark on their record.
  2. Respondents who successfully complete PREP will have their Enforcement case closed with a No Action Closure Letter
  3. Completion of PREP will not be considered a prior record of violations of the Political Reform Act pursuant to Regulation 18361.5(e)(7) when considering a future violation committed by the Respondent. 

How do you Complete the Program?

Respondents who enter into the PREP Agreement will be required to:

  • Complete a selected Course;
  • Pass the applicable test;
  • Complete a survey providing feedback regarding the Course; and
  • File any outstanding statements or reports. 

What Courses are Available?

  • Statement of Economic Interests Course

Per Senate Bill 29, the Commission started charging a fee to Respondents who participate in PREP beginning January 1, 2024.

  • (COMING SOON) Campaign Course for Local Candidates and Candidate-Controlled Committees
  • (COMING SOON) Campaign Course for State Candidates and Candidate-Controlled Committees

Who Qualifies for the Program?

The Enforcement Division may refer a Respondent to PREP if they meet the following general requirements for eligibility:

  • Violations committed by the Respondent appear to be the result of low level of experience and sophistication of the party;
  • Violations committed by the Respondent resulted in minimal public harm; and
  • The Respondent has not paid a penalty to the Commission for the same type of violation occurring within the last five years. Respondents who received a Warning Letter for the same type of violation occurring within the last five years may still qualify for PREP.

What are the Exclusions from the Program?

A Respondent does not qualify for PREP if any of the following exclusions apply:

  • Any evidence of an intent to conceal or violate the Political Reform Act or regulations relating to the Act. 
  • Respondents presented the FPPC false or altered evidence. 
  • Respondents made false statements to the FPPC regarding material facts.
  • Evidence of intentional interference with a witness in the FPPC matter.
  • Respondents have other violations under review for prosecution that do not qualify for a streamline penalty.
  • The Respondent does not qualify for a streamline penalty based on specific exclusions listed in Regulation 18360.1 or 18360.3.
  • The Respondent completed PREP for the same type of violation occurring within the last five years.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about PREP, please contact us at PREP@fppc.ca.gov.