Pending Legislation

The California State Legislature is authorized to amend the Political Reform Act to further the Act's purposes with a 2/3 vote of each house. This page includes information on legislation relating to the Act.

For any questions or comments relating to Political Reform Act legislation, please contact Lindsey Nakano at or at (916) 322-7635. 


Legislative Reports

PRA-Related Legislation

AB 775 (Berman) – Recurring contributions.

AB 975 (Luz Rivas) – Statements of economic interests and reimbursement for gifts.

AB 1693 (Seyarto) – Contribution limits: recall elections: elected state officers.

AB 1783 (Levine)  Lobbying: expanding definition of "administrative action"

AB 1798 (Bryan) – Campaign disclosure: advertisements.

AB 1819 (Lee) – Contribution prohibition: foreign-influenced business entities.

AB 2172 (Cervantes) – Email filing with SOS.

AB 2158 (Mike Fong) – Ethics training for local educational agencies.

AB 2528 (Bigelow) – Cal-Access: local filings.

AB 2544 (Mayes) – Spot bill.

SB 459 (Allen) – Lobbying reports.

SB 746 (Skinner) – Business entity online political activity.

SB 794 (Glazer) – Excess contributions.

SB 921 (Newman) – State Digital Advertisement Archive.

SB 1352 (Allen) – Reporting contributions.

SB 1360 (Umberg and Allen) – Advertisement disclosures.

SB 1362 (Melendez) – Citizens Redistricting Commission: reporting payments to influence.

SB 1439 (Glazer) – Contributions to local government agency officers: disqualification.

SB 1483 (Glazer) – New FPPC Education Program.

AB 319 (Valladares) – Contribution limits. 

AB 378 (Bauer-Kahan) – Gendered term removal.

AB 1367 (Low) – Campaign funds. 

AB 1590 (Committee on Elections) - PRA bill. 

SB 686 (Glazer) – Campaign disclosure: limited liability companies.

Last Modified: September 06, 2022