Campaign Disclosure Software Vendors

For information on requirements regarding electronic filing of campaign statements for state elections, contact the Secretary of State. For local elections, contact the local election official for electronic filing requirements, if any. Candidates and committees must use FPPC forms or computer-generated facsimiles of FPPC forms for filing campaign disclosure reports. 

Software Requirements

Candidates and committees that wish to file computer-generated statements should note the following:

  • Commercial software programs approved for electronic filing by the Secretary of State do not require FPPC approval.
  • Computer-generated statements must provide all of the required information in a substantially similar format as FPPC forms.
  • All persons using computer-generated statements are responsible for ensuring that the system correctly accounts for and accurately processes all information required by the Political Reform Act.
  • Any substantive changes made to the format of a previously approved program must be resubmitted for approval.
  • Each person using computer-generated statements should review the statements annually to ensure that any changes to the Act and FPPC regulations are properly incorporated.

The FPPC does not endorse any software package. The list of approved programs may be accessed on Secretary of State’s website.