Complaints Filed against a FPPC Commissioner

Members of the Fair Political Practices Commission, including the Chair, are subject to the Political Reform Act (the Act) like all other designated state and local public officials and those participating in regulated activity.

As such, all are subject to accusations of violations the same as anyone else covered by the Act. Allegations should be investigated and can result in legal action if a violation occurred.

While the Commission is primarily responsible for enforcing the Act, allegations against a member of the Commission create potential conflicts of interests and other ethical issues if addressed by the Commission or staff.

To avoid conflicts, the appearance of conflicts, and to preserve the integrity of the Act and Commission, the Commission adopted a regulation requiring any complaint filed with the Enforcement Division alleging a Commission member violated the Act be referred to the California Attorney General’s Office as quickly as practicable for investigation and resolution. 

§ 18315. Complaint against a Commissioner.

In referring the case, the Commission would defer to the jurisdiction of the Attorney General’s Office for resolution of the complaint.

A referral to the Attorney General’s Office of a complaint against a commissioner is automatic and required pursuant to the regulation and does not constitute any determination that a violation has occurred.

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How to File a Complaint

Anyone who suspects a violation of the Act should file a sworn complaint with the Enforcement Division.

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