Upcoming Training Opportunities

Date Type of Training Location
Apr 13, 2021 Candidate/Treasurer (Webinar) Online
Apr 21, 2021 Campaign Filing Officer (Webinar) Online
Jun 15, 2021 Candidate/Treasurer (Webinar) Online
Jun 23, 2021 Campaign Filing Officer (Webinar) Online

Filing officers and other government officials may request a webinar or a workshop to be held at their location.  If your agency would like to host a training event, please complete either the Webinar Request Form or the Workshop Request Form and e-mail it to seminars@fppc.ca.gov.  Please submit your request 2-3 months in advance to better ensure that we can accommodate your needs.

How to Request Advice

If you have questions about your obligations under the Act you can request advice directly from FPPC staff

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