Newly Adopted, Amended, or Repealed Regulations

The following regulations have recently been adopted, amended, or repealed by the FPPC.

Once adopted, amended, or repealed, FPPC staff forwards regulations to the Office of Administrative Law for filing with the Secretary of State. Regulations and amendments go into effect 30 days after they are filed with the Secretary of State's office, unless otherwise specified. Emergency regulations go into effect upon filing.

Newly Adopted and Amended

  • 18104. Secure Electronic Signatures (adopted), effective 1/7/22 new information
  • Please view our Filing with a Digital Signature Fact Sheet
  • 18115. Duties of Filing Officers and Filing Officials- Statements of Economic Interests (amended) effective 1/7/22 new information
  • 18115.2. Duties of Filing Officers and Filing Officials- Electronically Filed Statements of Economic Interests (amended), effective 1/7/22 new information
  • 18402.1. Principal Officers (amended), effective 12/10/21* 
  • 18406. Short Form for Candidates or Officeholders Who Receive and Spend Less than $2,000 in a Calendar Year (amended), effective 12/10/21* 
  • 18410. Statement of Organization (amended), effective 12/10/21* 
  • 18421.5. Reporting an Expenditure for Paid Online Communications (amended), effective 1/1/22 
  • 18421.11. Reporting Payments in Connection with Amplification of Online Communications (adopted), effective 1/1/22 new information
  • 18422.5. Display of Lists of Top Contributors to Committees Primarily Formed for State Ballot Measures or Candidates (amended), effective 12/10/21* 
  • 18424. Behested Payment Reporting. Additional Information (adopted), effective 12/22/21new information
  • 18424.1. Behested Payment Reporting. Good Faith Estimate (adopted), effective 12/22/21 new information
  • 18424.2. Behested Payment Reporting. Charitable Organization Fundraising Solicitations (adopted), effective 12/22/21 new information
  • 18424.3. Behested Payment Reporting. Payments from Donor Advised Funds (adopted), effective 12/22/21 new information
  • 18435.5. Slate Mailer Requirements (amended), effective 9/15/21
  • 18450.4. Video and Television Advertisement Disclosure (amended), effective 1/1/22 
  • 18450.6. Disclosure on Advertisements in Languages Other than English (adopted), effective 9/15/21
  • 18450.7. Disclosure for Advertisements in Formats Not Specifically Addressed (adopted), effective 9/15/21
  • 18450.8. Disclosure for Advertisements on Listening Applications that are Both Audio and Visual (adopted), effective 9/15/21
  • 18450.9. Website Advertisements and Third-Party Social Media Advertisements (adopted), effective 1/1/22 
  • 18450.11. Spokesperson Disclosure (amended), effective 9/15/21
  • 18465. Disclosure of Lobbying Entity Identification Numbers (amended), effective 12/10/21* 
  • 18465.1. Verification of Online Filers (adopted), effective 12/10/21* 
  • 18610. Lobbyist Accounting (amended), effective 1/13/22 new information
  • 18611. Lobbyist Reporting (amended), effective 12/10/21* 
  • 18612. Accounting by Lobbyist Firms (adopted), effective 1/13/22 new information
  • 18613. Reporting by Lobbying Firms (amended), effective 12/10/21* 
  • 18615. Accounting by Lobbyist Employers (amended), effective 1/13/22 new information
  • 18616. Reports by Lobbyist Employers and Persons Spending $5,000 or More to Influence Legislative or Administrative Action (amended), effective 12/10/21* 
  • 18616.4 Reports by Lobbying Coalitions Which Are Lobbyist Employers; Reports by Member of Lobbying Coalitions (amended), effective 12/10/21* 
  • 18723.1. Statements of Economic Interests: Public Officials with Multiple Positions (amended), effective 1/7/22 new information
  • 18757. Statements of Economic Interests; Filing an Original Statement of Economic Interest in Electronic Format Without a Certified Electronic Filing System (adopted), effective 1/7/22 new information


Recently Repealed

  • 18215.3. “Behested Payments” Reporting (repeal), effective 12/8/21 new information
  • 18422.5. Top Contributor Disclosure by Committee Primarily Formed for State Ballot Measures or Candidates (repeal), effective 12/10/21* 
  • 18465.1. Verification of Online Filers (repeal), effective 5/24/21
  • 18612. Accounting by Lobbyist Firms (repeal), effective 1/13/22 new information


*An alternate version of this regulation was adopted in 2021 with an operative date contingent on the Secretary of State’s CAL-ACCESS Replacement System (CARS) being implemented. The contingent version was adopted with the expectation that CARS would be implemented on a specific date. However, shortly after adopting the contingent version, implementation of CARS was indefinitely delayed. In order to avoid confusion among the regulated community as to which version of the regulation was currently in effect, the regulation has been amended to remove the alternate version with a contingent operative date. Once CARS is ultimately implemented, the alternate version of the regulation will be resubmitted for adoption.