The FPPC is Here to Assist

The FPPC provides daily technical and legal assistance to the regulated community, including candidates, public officials and lobbyists. The resources below are designed to help you find the FPPC forms and manuals, the various trainings offered by the FPPC, and telephone and email advice provided by the FPPC. 

Informational Manuals

All FPPC forms and informational manuals summarizing key laws and regulations are available on the Forms and Manuals Page

Factsheets & Guides

The FPPC Learn Page provides information for all FFPC filers, regardless of position.  Some of our most commonly accessed informational resources include guides on the rules of campaign finance, conflict of interests, lobbying, and filing officers.

Training and Outreach

Informational workshops, webinars and videos are available online and in person for members of the public as well as campaign treasurers, conflict of interest code reviewers, form 700 filers, and form 700 filing officers. Workshops are generally scheduled four months before filing deadlines, but can be held by request throughout the year.


The FPPC offers advice via telephone and email.  In most instances, informal advice will satisfy any basic questions about an official’s obligations under the Act. For requests that are more complex in nature, the FPPC offers public officials and entities the opportunity to request formal written advice about their obligations.

General Contact

Fair Political Practices Commission
1102 Q Street, Suite 3050
Sacramento, CA 95811

General Contact Line: (916)322-5660
Advice Line: 1-866-ASK-FPPC (1-866-275-3772)